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General Information
Minecraft Name AlphaSkyRaider
Unterganger Name Delphox
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Nationality Canadian

AlphaSkyRaider (Youtube name: Delphox, previously Charizard, AlphaSkyRaider) is a player on the Unterganger Minecraft Server. His name is often abbreviated to Alpha.

AlphaSkyRaider is known for his tendency to build huge skyscrapers. For this he has been mocked, mainly by Fegelein1906, claiming the large buildings are a compensation for something he "lacks". His skyscrapers include the One World Trade Center (1 WTC) the Pokemon Tower, and a bunch of others. He has also built a city called Old Newport alongside QuestionTues_FTW, as well as the district of Newport with Nerdington.

In the past, AlphaSkyRaider has been banned for griefing the Athyras State Building and building a dirt town called Dirtville on RDPIsOnCrack's highway, only for him to return after Procrastinator started hosting the server again the summer of 2015.

Alpha was banned once again for 6 weeks in Dec 2015 following a period where AlphaSkyRaider was being generally annoying and such.

He stopped joining the UMS ever since retiring in May 2016 but came back in January of 2017 ever since new player Shadow Briton joined.

Gallery Edit

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