This article is about the Cababai International Airport, the airport in Canabai. For other airports on the server, see Airport (disambiguation).

Canabai International Airport
Canabai airport entrace close
Entrance of the airport
General Information
Type Infrastructure
Inspired by Dallas/Fort Worth, Changi
Architecture Modern
Coordinates -1533, 74, 2043
Location Southwest Canabai
Built by Nerdington
Canabai International Airport (CAN) is the second largest infrastructure project in the Unterganger

Minecraft Server, right behind Port Random Pierre Poutine Airport. Built by Nerdington, the airport serves Canabai in the Far West region. This is the main hub for Canair, the flag-carrier airline of the city.

The airport only has 1 main terminal, a stacked parking lot, an air traffic control tower, 4 runways, numerous airplanes, and stations that link to the Monorail and the CAN Express in the Canabai Transit System.

History Edit

In summer 2016, after Port Random has its own airport with Nerdington's help, he began considering another airport for his own city. After a few months, he asked for RDPIsOnCrack's advice for location and then began the construction afterward.

Construction started with the main terminal of the airport, then the roads leading to the airport was built from Highway 102. Nerdington then added the first 2 inner runways and then install gates and airplanes. 2 runways was added afterward. The latest structure is the air traffic control tower and 2 stations for the CAN Express and the Canabai Monorail.

In the future, Nerdington is considering on adding a military base for the Canabai Air Force adjacent to the airport to the east.

Main Terminal Edit

Though there's only one terminal, the airport is divided into 4 concourses: A and B on the west, C and D on the east. The A and B concourses, dedicated for 'domestic' flights, has 12 gates, and the C and D concourses, dedicated for 'international' flights. has 17 gates. Each concourse has 6 gates, with an exception of the Concourse C. The two sides are connected by the Center Sector, which consists the check-in counters, and the luggage claims carousels. The sides are pier-shaped, which is narrow but long.

Trivia Edit

  • The Main Terminal has the largest building footprint in the whole server, at an area of 29,521 m2.
  • The airport's runway is based on Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.

Gallery Edit