The Canabai National Railways (abbr. CNR) is a Canabai commuter railway service, serving most cities and villages within the country, including City of Canabai, Levanski, Altholz, and many other NPC villages. The CNR is the second largest railway service in the server, after the Rail Transit Network.

Canabai National Railways is the descendant of the Southwest Railway preexisting in the area, dating all the as back as 2015. The system took its current form in July 25, 2018, when NerdieSanders acquired the network for Canabai. In early August 2018, Molster (now Kimilil) returned and helped Nerdie with reconstructing.

There are 6 stations on CNR's one line in operation, the Peridot Line connecting in between Weston and Levanski, and many other lines and stations under reconstruction and planning stages.

History Edit

SW RW diagram

SW RW route diagram. Striped lines indicate incomplete sections at the time of making this map.

Pre-CNR acquisition Edit

The Southwest Railway (SW Railway, or SW RW) was a loosely connected railway network that mostly links to NPC villages and pyramids in the area. The original main goal was to reach the next closest jungle temple in the far, far southwest. During this time, Molster was the only one in charge of the track routing and principal track-laying.

Due to the saturation of the Rail Transit Network (particularly its transit diagram), it was decided that the Southwest Railway would not be part of the RT Network, though minecarts can enter and exit the two systems at Soweto (with RT Outer Line) and Weston (with RT Templer Line).

All the NPC villages linked by the SW Railway were thought named after rocks and minerals, namely Peridot, Orpiment, Corundum and Cinnabar; however some of these villages had a naming conflict where stations would say another name (ie. Peridot's station were named Altholz). Peridot was later used as a line name in the network after the CNR acquisition.

In 2015, Molster was banned and no other construction took place during a 3-year period. During this time, some segments were heavily under-maintained, demolished, or discontinued.

Post-CNR acquisition Edit

Noticing how there is a lack of rail connection in between City of Canabai and Levanski under the control of the state, NerdieSanders decided to take over the control of the Southwest Railways in July 25, 2018 since it was conveniently in the area he wanted to upgrade. For the next one to two weeks, Nerdie started to upgrade the capacity of rails between Weston and Altholz at a very slow pace. Not until Molster (now Kimilil) was unbanned and returned that both got more motivated and started to upgrade the infrastructure at a faster speed.

After the acquisition, Nerdie also planned to expand the network northward to Newport and Okkohes, and connect Levanski to southern Canabai area to increase rail connections throughout mainland Canabai. After these two lines are completed, an express line from Levanski to Canabai City is also planned to be built.

Lines Edit

Aquileia Line Edit

  • Colour-code: Light blue
  • Total # of stations: 3
  • Station code: A
  • Interchanges: Peridot Line
  • Branch lines: none
  • Single rail

The Aquileia Line is the first line to be opened under Canabai National Railways. This line is also the shortest and has smallest demand, compared to other lines, both operational and planned in the network. The reason for this is because the line goes in between only two NPC villages (Orpiment and Altholz), and that it goes through Terra Aquileia National Park with infrastructure restrictions. The line got its name from the mentioned national park.

The line is built by Molster during the Southwest Railway era, and modified in certain sections by Nerdie.

Stations on this line:

Code Name Note
A1 Orpiment Terminus, interchange with planned lines
A2 Terra Aquileia National Park
A3 P3 Altholz Terminus, interchange with Peridot Line towards Levanski

Peridot Line Edit

The Peridot Line is the second line to be opened under Canabai National Railways. Before the acquisition, this stretch extended all the way to Kovansberg until Nerdie demolished the section from the town mentioned to Cinnabar for the construction of Levanski in 2017 with intentions to redirect the line to the city's downtown right after. The section, however, was only rebuilt a year later after the acquisition and the building of Levanski Central Station.

The name came from Altholz' supposed town name was found on this page after Nerdie named the town according to its station. Since the line goes through the town, Nerdie thought of using Peridot for the line instead since the line goes through the town.

Originally, the line is built by Molster. After the acquisition, both Nerdie and Molster upgraded and redirected the line.

Stations on this line:

Code Name Note
P1 Levanski Terminus, interchange with other planned lines.
P2 Cinnabar
P3 A3 Altholz Interchange with Aquileia Line.
P4 MTM Pyramid
P5 Soalric Pyramid
P6 Weston Continued to RTN Templer Line, interchange with CTS Little Saigon Line.