The Canabai Transit System, abbreviated CTS, is a rail system serving City of Canabai and its many districts by Canabai Transit. It is built and maintained by NerdieSanders.

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The CTS takes inspiration from the Rail Transit Network, using the push button systems found on every single track and station along the RTN. Rails built are all overground, on ground, and underground.

All rail traffic is right-hand rail drive.


The CTS encompasses the following 6 lines:


CTS Map, showing only stations that the CTS operates.

The CTS also has connections with Metro West and Metro South, part of Port Random Transit, as well as the Templer and Outer lines of the Rail Transit Network. All stations are numbered according to the Minecraft directional bias; the numbering system begins numbering the southernmost station for north-south lines, and the easternmost station for east-west lines. Lines that complete a loop starts with the most prominent station and numbered clockwise. Lines that only have 2 stations are not numbered.

Canabai Metro Edit

  • Colour-code: Dark Blue
  • Total # of stations: 8
  • Station code: ME
  • Interchanges: Newport Line, Little Saigon Line, RTN Templer Line, Downtown Line, CAN Express, RTN Outer Line, PRT Metro South

The Canabai Metro runs north-south along all of City of Canabai, hence having the name it carries. It is noted that the Metro runs entirely underground.

The Metro used to serve the Canabai Theatre, until the City Hall was built in front of the theatre, and that Nerdie thought that relocating the station under the City Hall would be more convenient because it would also serve the eastern part of the National Square. The old Theatre station could be found when riding the Metro.

Stations along Canabai Metro:

Code Name Interchanges/Notes
ME1 CS6 Soweto Terminus, interchange with RTN Outer Line
ME2 1.9 Plaza
ME3 DT1 CAN CW1 PRT Canabai Palace Interchange with Downtown Line, CAN Express, RTN Outer Line, and PRT Metro South
ME4 City Hall Interchange with Downtown Line.
ME5 T2 Canabai Central Interchange with RTN Templer Line.
ME6 SC4 Football Stadium Interchange with the SpoCom Line.
ME7 Revolution Square
ME8 LS2 NP1 Hue Station Terminus, interchange with Little Saigon Line and Newport Line.

Canabai Monorail Edit

  • Colour-code: Red
  • Total # of stations: 9
  • Station code: MO
  • Interchanges: Metro-Monorail Link, CAN Express, Newport Line, PRT Metro West

The Canabai Monorail connects Newport, Weston, the urban district of Canabai, and the Canabai International Airport. Although not true connections, it is possible to connect to the Little Saigon Line, the RTN Templer line, the Newport Line, and the PRT Metro West, as it is a short walking distance between a station on the Canabai Monorail and another station connecting to the aforementioned lines. The Monorail is the only line in the system that runs suspended.

Stations along Canabai Monorail:

Code Name Interchanges/Notes
MO1 CAN Canabai International Airport Terminus, interchange with CAN Express.
MO2 Conrondum
MO3 DT3 W. Urban District Interchange with Downtown Line.
MO4 Parliament
MO5 Canabai Stadium
MO6 Weston Within a short distance to Little Saigon Line and RTN Templer Line connection, not to be confused with Weston RTN station.
MO7 NP2 PRT Newport Central Interchange with Newport Line and PRT Metro West.
MO8 Newport City Square
MO9 UC Newport Terminus

Downtown Line Edit

  • Colour-code: Pink
  • Total # of stations: 6
  • Station code: DT
  • Interchanges: Canabai Metro, Canabai Monorail, CAN Express, RTN Outer Line, PRT Metro South

The Downtown Line, as the name suggests, runs within the City's downtown area. The line is built entirely underground.

Initially, the line only existed between the Palace and the Urban District to connect the Metro and the Monorail. At first, the rails were built to connect Canabai Palace to Pierre Poutine Airport; however, Nerdie realizes that this is a useless and inconvenient line, so with permission from RDPIsOnCrack, he uses the rails to connect the two stations, thus creating the "Metro-Monorail Link."

After a while, Nerdie recognized a potential for the City Downtown to have its own line, and so he expanded the Link to form a loop around downtown, thus creating the Downtown Line.

Stations along the Downtown Line:

Code Name Interchanges/Notes
DT1 ME2 CAN CW1 PRT Canabai Palace Terminus, interchange with Canabai Metro, CAN Express, RTN Outer Line, and PRT Metro South.
DT2 Centre Park
DT3 MO3 W. Urban District Interchange with Canabai Monorail.
DT4 N. Urban District
DT5 National Square This station is closer to the Parliament than the Parliament station on the Monorail.
DT6 City Hall Interchange with Canabai Metro.

Athlete Line Edit

  • Colour-code: Orange
  • Total # of stations: 5
  • Station code: SC
  • Interchanges: Canabai Metro

The Athlete Line is the only light rail system in Canabai, operating in Canabai Sport Complex. The line forms a loop as it links main venues and locations in Canabai Sport Complex. It is inspired by the real-life Dallas Area Rapid Transit that Nerdie often uses.

The line is used to be called as the SpoCom Line (abbreviation of Sport Complex), until ParrotAntics suggested the current name. The line still retains the station code, SC.

Stations along Athlete Line, counter-clockwise:

Code Name Interchanges/Notes
SC1 Canabai Stadium
SC2 Athletes' Village Abbreviated as Athl' Ville on signs.
SC3 Ice Rink The station is actually closer to the Boxing Arena than the Ice Rink.
SC4 ME6 Football Stadium Located next to the Canabai Metro station, and the Berdichevsky Arena. Abbreviated as Football Stad. on signs
SC5 Tennis Court Located in between the Aquatic Center and the Schwartz Tennis Court.

Little Saigon Line Edit

  • Colour-code: Gold
  • Total # of stations: 3
  • Station code: CAN
  • Interchanges: RTN Templer, Canabai Metro, Newport Line, RTN Outer Line, PRT Metro South

The Little Saigon Line is the very first line built in the system, connecting Weston and Little Saigon. The Canabai Monorail has an indirect connection with the Little Saigon Line.

Stations along Little Saigon Line:

Code Name Interchanges/Notes
LS1 T1 Weston RTN Terminus, interchange with RTN Templer Line, within a short distance to Canabai Monorail connection, not to be confused with Weston station
LS2 ME8 NP1 Hue Station Interchange with Canabai Metro and Newport Line
LS3 CW3 PRT Doan Minh Tan Park Terminus, interchange with RTN Outer Line and PRT Metro South

Newport Line Edit

  • Colour-code: Black
  • Total # of stations: 2 + 1 branch station
  • Station code: NP
  • Interchanges: Canabai Metro, Canabai Monorail, Little Saigon Line, PRT Metro South

The Newport line connects Newport and Little Saigon. This line is the only line which has a branch line, which was built by QuestionTues_FTW prior to the track becoming the Newport Line. As such, a numbering system is present on the Newport Line despite only having two main stations.

Stations along Newport Line:

Code Name Interchanges/Notes
NP1 LS2 ME8 Hue Station Terminus, interchange with Canabai Metro and Little Saigon Line
NP2 MO7 PRT Newport Central Terminus, interchange with Canabai Monorail, PRT Metro West
NPB1 KFMC Station Branch line terminus to The Krebs Fish and Maps Company

CAN Express Edit

  • code: Lime green
  • Total # of stations: 2
  • Station code: CAN
  • Interchanges: Canabai Metro, Canabai Monorail, Metro-Monorail Link, RTN Outer Line, PRT Metro South

The CAN Express is an express line that connects downtown Canabai to the Canabai International Airport.

Stations along the CAN Express:

Code Name Interchanges/Notes
CAN MO1 Canabai International Airport Terminus, interchange with Canabai Monorail.


Canabai Palace Terminus, interchange with Canabai Metro, Downtown Line, RTN Outer Line, and PRT Metro South.

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