UMS Hitler Pixel Art

Der Führer watches as you punch trees.

Bringen Sie mir Fegelein!!'  '''~Adolf Hitler'

The Dolfy Face is a flat picture pixel art depicting the historical character Adolf Hitler, for obvius reasons.

Built by MTM at some point during early 2014, and located at the chunk border, near the spot where a branch of the north line joins the outer line.

It was the first of the chunk border pixel arts, followed by the Trololo pixel art.

The pixel art is actually a replica of a similar one MTM placed on a test world of his Unterganger Minecraft resource pack, MeinKraft.

Untergangers, Hitler and Minecraft Edit

Because the server is owned and used only by untergangers -people that make parodies from the movie Downfall-, stuff related to the meme was impossible to avoid from spawning around the server world (there is no reason to avoid it, anyway) and the huge picture of Hitler staring at you might be a good example of this.

Trivia Edit

  • The eye-pupils of Hitler are actually pushed in and out by a sticky piston on the inside.

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