This page collates and lists the pixel arts built around the server. Many of these are built on the chunk border but increasingly they are built elsewhere as space on the chunk border is limited.

Chunk border

The following list starts from Dolfy Face pixel art in clockwise direction:

Name Location Made by
Dolfy Face North-center MTM
blue orchid North MTM
dandelion (yellow flower) North MTM
Mikasa Ackerman East-northeast Molster
Gordon Freeman East-northeast Molster
TARDIS East Gokyr586
Ibrahim Mat Zin drowning South Molster
Pink Panther South MTM
An Iron Cross South Tudor
Columns of Gediminas shield South Tudor
Trololo pixel art South MTM
A Hammer South Nerdington
Clippy South ??
Michael Jackson pixel art (unfinished) South-southwest MTM
Goebbels-Skeletor pixel art West Gokyr586
F-word glow-in-the-dark text mural West Gokyr586
A lyric from the song "Autobahn" by Kraftwerk West Nerdington
Phoenix Wright West Gokyr586
Rick Astley North-northwest Molster
Kamen Rider Zangetsu North Gokyr586
"Darwin Awards" text mural North Tudor
Mario North MTM


The following pixel arts have been removed:

Name Originally made by Reason
Doge pixel art MTM Server restore
doodled Joker and smiley Tudor Making way for Ibrahim Mat Zin's
Hammer and sickle NerdieSanders Little Saigon government overthrown, remnants can still be found.


Name Location Made by
Kill La Kill stylized title Greater Wall of Athyras (UC side) Molster
Delphox Morioh AlphaSkyRaider
Unknown Jawadabad Jawado
Polan park Polan park tudor
Flaghenge East of Morioh WQ_Josh
Doraemon Fegelein (Nobitown) Ugultu
Sanostonburg Coat of Arms Shenanigan Ocean Ugultu
IC Signage Board Shenanigan Ocean KrebsLovesFiesh
Son Goku Morioh outskirts ParrotAntics