The following is a list of named desert and jungle temples, as well as player-built temples, in the Unterganger Minecraft Server, with information on their general location relative to Unterganger City.

The naturally generated temples are named after YouTubers-Untergangers, a practice started by MTM and followed by everyone else. These temples are the main driving force of the Rail Transit Network development, as MTM and Molster tries to connect as many of them to the City via rails.

Desert templesEdit

All desert temples are referred to as pyramids. This list is in alphabetical order.

Pyramid of 20EuroCentEdit

20EuroCent Pyramid is the first named pyramid on the server. 20EuroCent is an older profile name of DictatorAntics (Fegelein1906).

Pyramid of Alphazard Edit

  • Region: Outer Northeast
  • Access: Northeast Railway
  • Named by: AlphaSkyRaider

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Buried PyramidEdit

  • Region: Outer Southwest
  • Access: Southwest Railway
  • Named by: Molster

Molster decided to deviate from customary naming practice due to the unique condition of this pyramid which is almost completely buried in sand.

Canabai Palace (Pyramid-no-monster)Edit

Canabai Palace, used to known as Pyramid-no-monster (named after Johnnomonster), was found by Molster in 2014. In January 2016, Nerdington changed the name to Canabai Palace to fit the theme with the surroundings. Apparently MTM has named another pyramid after him, but which pyramid was it, and the location, is unknown.

Pyramid of KakashiBallZEdit

  • Region: Central
  • Access: RT East Line, RT Loop Line, roads
  • Named by: MTM

Pyramid of KakashiBallZ is the closest pyramid to the spawn point and therefore Unterganger City. The former East Village was located near it. The Rail Transit Network's East Line has a station beside the pyramid. The pyramid is now part of Saltshore, though the station which predated the town retained the original name.

Pyramid of MOTURK49Edit

This pyramid used to be the only one on the West Line, and was its driving force. Skeletor pyramid was resurrected only some time later.

Pyramid of MisterTalkingMachineEdit

  • Region: Outer West
  • Access: Southwest Railway
  • Named by: Molster and tudor

This pyramid is home to the curse of the broken record. Whoever lands on the plate will pass through a creepy experience, from which though, the player will survive unharmed.

Pyramid of RBC56Edit

  • Region: Inner East
  • Access: RT East Line
  • Named by: Molster, found by MTM

Pyramid of SkeletorEdit

This pyramid was razed off the map along with the flattening of the area for Athyras's expansion. Seeing the utter lack of development around the area, Molster then decided to rebuild the pyramid in the exact same position, with help from tudor who had just built the Ice Temple the day before. The West Line had to be shifted a bit.

Pyramid of SoalricEdit

  • Region: Outer Southwest
  • Access: RT Templer Line, Southwest Railway
  • Named by: Molster, originally suggested by someone else

Pyramid of Staedty86Edit

  • Region: Inner North
  • Access: RT Steamer Line
  • Named by: Molster

Pyramid of VzorkicEdit

  • Region: Central
  • Access: RT Templer Line, roads
  • Named by: MTM

Pyramid of NeptuneEdit

Pyramid of Neptune

The Pyramid of Neptune

  • Region: Deep South
  • Access: None
  • Named by: tudor

Located in the deep south (about 8000 blocks away from world origin) this pyramid generated inside a Mesa biome, but completely surrounded by water.

Pyramid of PajarojuarezEdit

Jungle templesEdit

Jungle temples are much rarer and difficult to find, and only two were found so far.

This list is in alphabetical order.

Temple of mfaizsyahmiEdit

Fegelein the Lost TempleEdit

Player-built templesEdit

The following is a list of player-built temples. All player-made temples are part of the UMS Seven Wonders:

Quartz TempleEdit

Great Ziggurat of Ur MomEdit

Main article: Great Ziggurat of Ur Mom

Ice TempleEdit

Main article: Ice Temple
  • Location: Southeast of Southville
  • Built by: Tudor
  • Material:Ice

Ghost TempleEdit

  • Location: East of Unterganger City
  • Built by: Procrastinator
  • Material:Stained glass

Also called the Trippyramid by some players due to the kaleidoscopic atmosphere within

Wool TempleEdit

  • Location: West of Pădurea Craivii
  • Built by: Tudor, originally planned by Procrastinator, but control was handed over to the former.
  • Material:Wool

Wither TempleEdit


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