Michael Bridge profile

The bridge profile

Michael Bridge is a through arch bridge across the Sea of Giggitee that carries a roadway and the new RT Templer Line stretch between Athyras and Weston. The look and feel of the bridge is inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The bridge is designed and built by Molster, with significant contribution by MTM. The bridge was completed and opened on 10 November 2014.

The name is derived from Hans_Krebs's original plan for the expansion of Athyras. The earliest draft included a bridge to be built on the same spot as the bridge that stands today. A later plan excluded a bridge but included a Michael Gate at the city's western edge. Since the western gates were scrapped, Molster transferred the name to the bridge.


  • Deck width: 17m
    • 2m on each side for sightseers
    • 7m of roadway (excluding curbs)
    • 3m for RT Templer Line (excluding curbs)
  • Midspan: 70m
  • Side spans: 25m
  • Deck clearance (from water level): 9m
  • Arch height: 24m (26m from water level)


  • Several other bridge types (e.g. suspension, truss and cantilever) were considered by Molster before settling on the current one.
  • Unlike a real bridge's construction, Michael Bridge was built deck first. This is to help on deciding the bridge type, which was built later on around the deck.
  • Molster's main drive for building this bridge was so that he can have a desert road beside which he planned to build a desert town inspired by Shibam.
  • While there's no elaboration from Hans_Krebs about which Michael lent his name to the gate and later the bridge, Molster has taken it to be Michael Rosen.
  • For some reason, Tudor built a Imperial Russian black-gold-white flag on one side of the bridge. Later on, when Hans_Krebs rejoined the server after apologizing for the Incident, he built a Ukrainian flag on the opposite side of the bridge, making it appear like the bridge is separating the two.