2017-04-02 08.15.08
Morioh, circa early April 2017
Town logo
General Information
Name Morioh
Type Town/City
Founded 2017
Architecture Modern
Region Outer-North
Transit Rail Transit Network
Commander (Mayor) Gamingmaster000
Deputies AlphaSkyRaider(Second in Command)
Founder Gamingmaster000 and AlphaSkyRaider
Other contributors QuestionTuesFTW, Nerdington

Morioh (Formerly Cowville) is a new town and former NPC village northeast of Unterganger City built by Gamingmaster000 and AlphaSkyRaider, beyond the Chunk border.

Both the Tudor Line and Outer Line, and formerly the North Line of the Rail Transit Network stop here.

The village was given the name Cowville by Molster, as there were plenty of cows roaming the village streets during the construction of the North Line. Onii-chan Onsen was situated to the northwest of the village.

In March 2017, Gamingmaster000 claimed Cowville and declared that a new town, which he later named Morioh, would be built there. The NPC village unfortunately was demolished to make way for this new town, excluding the train station. As of mid-March 2017 roads have been established, and a few buildings have been built. The aforementioned Onii-chan Onsen was also annexed into Morioh.

Morioh GalleryEdit

Cowville Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

The name Morioh is taken from the town of the same name from Part 4 and Part 8 of the manga and anime series, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, due to the founder being a fan of the work.

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