The UMS National Parks are designed to protect some areas of the map from heavy construction. It prevents users from heavily modifying the land and area, and also prevents the construction of large buildings on site. National Parks do not have an owner, and are directly administered by OPs and the Server Owner, RDPIsOnCrack.

History Edit

Prior to the system's creation, Hans_Krebs created his own national park, named Slender Forest National Park. This was done under controversy, as it prevented Molster from building his Malay Old Town. It is the first example of land protection in the history of the server.

The origins of the system itself can be traced to 2015, when RDPIsOnCrack both found a valley and a a ice spike plains in the UMS. This was the first time he considered building a national park system. Fast forward to 2017, a large dispute arose after AlphaSkyRaider and newcomer Idahas built the town of Lakecastle on land tudor wished to protect. A controversial compromise was reached, allowing half of the land (mostly on the outer edges) to be protected as part of Snowy Cove National Park. Since then, Snowy Cove and several other parks were officially protected.

Rules of National Parks Edit

  1. You may not build any heavy buildings on it
  2. Light infrastructure/buildings is allowed on parks with approval of an OP (such as small roads, trails, rails and cabins)
  3. Please see RDPIsOnCrack if you feel like a piece of land deserves to be protected. Parks may both be naturally generated or artificial.

Parks Edit

Name Location Builder Notes
Chono Valley National Park Directly north of Old Port Random Naturally Generated Tourist train built by RDPIsOnCrack prior to system creation
Doan Minh Tan National Park East of Little Saigon Nerdington Memorial to NerdieSander's Grandfather, currently a district of its own in Canabai.
Ice Spikes National Park Will be accessible by Port Random Transit in the future, visit via Teleporter Station Naturally Generated
Slender Forest National Park North of Athyras Hans_Krebs, Fegelein1906 First National Park
Snowy Mountain National Park East of Canabai, reachable via Highway 100 and Metro South Naturally Generated
Volcano Island National Park Far North (via Transcontinental North) Naturally Generated
Winter Cove National Park Around Lakecastle, east of Pasanauri, south of Old Newport Restoration in progress by RDPIsOnCrack, Nerdington, and others Currently deforested

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