Server operator
Nerdington and Fegelein1906
Nerdington (in the slime head) with Fegelein1906.
General Information
Minecraft Name NerdieSanders
Nickname(s) Ned, Nerd, Nerdie, NERDIE FUCKING SANDERS
Unterganger Name Nerdington
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Nationality Vietnamese-American
Joined July 2015

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NerdieSanders (formerly Nerdington), also known as Ned is a player and OP of the Unterganger Minecraft Server who joined simultaneously with Jawado116 in early Summer 2015.

Nerdington immediately became one of the most regular players on the server; his projects include his own city called Canabai, situated near Weston; an underwater town named Baldaqua in the Baldic Sea; and a sport complex, built with CoLDe84.

He has also built some of the World Trade Center buildings, based on real-life skyscrapers in World Trade Center in New York City. He also made an office building called the Menschbahn Tower in Athyras.

Trivia Edit

  • Before he was an OP, he prefered to dig in survival with Efficiency V shovels.
  • He doesn't like eternal day, and has tried to persuade several OPs to completely remove it.
  • Nerdington is known to be advisors of many builds and projects outside of his own projects, namely Morioh. He is mostly strict about how the builds turn out.