The Northeast Railway (NERW) is a railway line, built by Molster in the outer northeastern region (Sector 5-3) of the server world.

The first phase started from the northeast corner of RT Outer Line (also a corner of the chunk border) eastward to Shroomsbury. The second phase continued from Shroomsbury northward to Hareton. The third phase goes to a desert village (unnamed) north of Hareton. The fourth phase is built by an unknown player which goes to a village north od the last. Meanwhile, RT North Line is extended (or the other way round) from Cowville to connect directly with the starting point of NERW at the chunk border corner, replacing the junction with the Outer Line with an interchange station. This has been reverted as RT Random Line now connects to NERW directly at the chunk border corner.

The railway currently has only one single track trunk line. The style of the railway changes between the early 2 phases and the latter phases. The stretch from Orchid IC to Hareton is fully powered and have decent bridges and stations, but beyond it the track changes into activator-propelled power rail and bare platforms for stops.


No. Name Remarks
1 Orchid IC Continues to RT Random Line,

Interchange with RT Outer Line and RRC Orchid Express Line

2 Shroomsbury
3 Hareton
4 Pyramid #1 Name to be ascertained
5 Pyramid #2 ditto
6 Village #1 ditto
7 Village #2 ditto. Terminus of line


A second line is planned from Morioh Central, occupying the vacant platform formerly occupied by RT Outer Line, eastwards to Hareton and interchanging with the main line, and proceeding eastward to the giant chessboard.

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