One World Trade Center
The building dwarfing it's environment
General Information
Construction started 22 August 2014
Completed on 22 August 2014
Architecture Modern
Dimensions 192.5 blocks high, base 24x24
Coordinates 45, 65, 581
Location Unterganger City
Built by AlphaSkyRaider
“Alphie means business; his first day in the server and look, he already builds the tallest building”

The One World Trade Center (or 1WTC) is AlphaSkyRaider's first build on the server.

It is a replica of the 1 WTC building in New York city, like the nearby Unity Tower, built by Hans_Krebs. However, the difference is that 1WTC bears a spire, with 4 beacons, and instead of light cyan stained glass and stone, it has light blue glass and quartz. In just the few hours that it took to be built, it became the tallest building on the server, with a height of 192 and a half blocks from the base to the top, including the spire and the glass antenna by T.

It also functions as AlphaSkyRaider's residence, as he has a penthouse at the top.

As of August 2015 it is no longer the tallest building on the server, as the Pokemon Tower built by Alpha has surpassed it in height.


  • This is the hundreth article on the UMS wiki :))
  • This is the first build Alpha made.
  • It took 3 hours to build.
  • Tudor and Molster helped Alpha build it.
  • MTM's Athyras State Building is the same height as 1 WTC, although it is slightly wider in the base and slightly taller in roof height.

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