Port Random
Work In Progress
Central Port Random as of Christmas 2015
General Information
Type City
Construction started Sometime during March (original)
Completed on Not for a long, long time
Inspired by Quebec/Venice (Old Town)/ New York, Toronto (Elsewhere)
Architecture Full-on city
Coordinates x:-320 y:67 z:-571
Location Northern region ; Near the Kamen Rider and the Trololo pixel art
Built by RDPIsOnCrack

Port Random (also known as PR) is a city currently being built by RDPIsOnCrack with the help of Nerdington and formerly Tudor.

History Edit

RDP, a new player back then, first discovered the location when he saw a flat swampnear the Outer Line and the Kamen Rider pixel art. He then quickly began setting up a railroad station and a road, only to replace them both when he found them to be bad looking. The station was replaced by a new and compact one and the road was replaced by Venice-styled canals/roads. Buildings were then built, and in addition, a special transit network connecting the city. Later on, his project led him to become more ambitious, resulting in him controlling most of the Northwestern region of the server. Soon, major road networks and skyscrapers were built, creating a modern, vibrant city that rivals Athyras in size and grandness.

PR joined the now dissolved NPC Union as a founding member on December 9, 2015.

Districts Edit

Old Town Edit

The original part of the city, it stretches from east of the Union Terminal, west of the Noodle river, south of the chunk border, and north of the bay. It contains most of the landmarks and touristic areas that can be found, such as:

  • City Hall
  • Fort Random
  • River Valley Rail Tours
  • Townhouses
  • Kamen Rider/Port Random North Station

Central Port Random Edit

Officially the "Downtown" of Port Random, it is bisected by the Donald J. Trump Turnpike, and it is bordered by the Terminal to the east, the Compensation River to the south, and the (partially flattened) chunk border to the north and west. It is intended as a financial powerhouse with a stock market, skyscrapers satirizing banks, and is a district with mostly office buildings.

East Port Random Edit

The official start of Port Random's modernization, this area stretches what is left of eastern Port Random that is east of the Central and Old Town districts. With a few buildings and a ferry terminal, it is unclear whether or not it should be another business center or a major shipping port. It is also home to the first skyscraper in Port Random, the Trump Atlantis.

Little Canada Edit

This unbuilt district will be at the south of Port Random, containing mostly Canadian things and residential buildings/houses. Flattening is currently underway

West Port Random Edit

This unbuilt district will stretch from the chunk border to the Chono River to the west, containing mostly residential buildings and suburbia. Flattening and road networking is currently underway.

Industrial Centre Edit

This unbuilt district will stretch between the Chono River and the unnamed river near the airport. Flattening is currently underway.

Planned Greater Port Random Edit

Chono Valley Edit

This area, north of Port Random, is to be a series of villages and towns connected by the Trump Turnpike and a loop highway.

San Tarantino Edit

This area is the southeast corner of Chono Valley, and is planned to be based on San Francisco.

Players are encouraged to contact RDPIsOnCrack to build in these areas.

Gallery Edit

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