General Information
Minecraft Name QuestionTues_FTW
Nickname(s) QT
Unterganger Name QuestionTuesdayFTW
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Nationality Canadian
Joined November 2015

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QuestionTues_FTW (Youtube name QuestionTuesdayFTW) is a player on the UMS who joined in November 2015 after recently joining the Downfall Community. His name is usually abbreviated to QT. He has helped AlphaSkyRaider finish the floors of 7 World Trade Center in Athyras, as well as the town of Old Newport. He was also originally on the Newport project before it was annexed by Canabai in February 2016. He is the CEO of the Krebs Fish and Maps Company.

Build StyleEdit

He likes to build realistic builds that could be found in the real world, as shown with the building of The Krebs Fish and Maps Company, which is based off of factories that could be found in the real world. One reason for this is because he struggles to build more creative builds that are decorative and imaginative.

However, as of May 2017, he has begun work on a new town in the far West of the server. Name pending, it will be a combination of a more serious Art Deco design, and a more playful childhood town. This town, getting the idea from a Survival server he also goes onto often, is intended to be his biggest project yet in order to force him to be more creative on the server.

Trivia Edit

  • His original Minecraft name was HansKrebsFish, but he got banned for using that name on a separate server. He also got warned for using his Youtube icon on the server's forums, both of which were due to Nazi references.
    • This ultimately led to him retiring the use of that username on any future account anywhere that was made, as it was one of two usernames he used at the time.

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