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The RT Central station and RT Tower. The outdoor portion of the Railway Museum can be seen.

RT Central (RTC) is the new central station for the Rail Transit Network (RT) at Unterganger City. It replaces, and is built on the site of, the former Unterganger Central Terminal. The building also serves as the headquarters for the RT, comprising of an 8-storey tower atop the main station facilities. A novel elevator system and a stairwell connects every level (sans 7F) except for the platforms, which is only accessible from inside the station proper.

With the new station layout, the track alignments of all lines serving the station is revamped. The platforms are located deeper underground, and all lines goes underground as they approach the station. The South Line is merged with the North Line, and the East Line merged with the West Line. These four cardinal lines however retain their old colour and station numbering schemes.

The following is a directory for the building:


The minecart station portion of the building takes up the lowest three floors, including the lower ground floor. On the ground level is the main concourse, with the faregates and ticket counters on both sides. Two other corridors from the entrance leads to the subway station (right hand side from entrance) and the other is linked to a staircase to the first floor.

The station platforms are located underground on the lower ground floor. The following is a list of platforms and the lines they serve:

Platform Line Destination (terminus/i)
1 North Line Cowville
2 South Line Trololo pixel art
3 East Line Nogaybak / Jenston (Eydis) / Tower of Mabula
4 West Line Stronghold 3
5 Loop Line None (it's a loop)
6 Airport Express Line Unterganger City Airport

The subway station is not integrated into the Rail Transit Network and as such has a separate underground station with its own counters and platforms. A staircase connects the underground station to the RTC building.

The first floor contains shops and amenities such as gender-separated washrooms, a money changer and lockers. Some of the shops available at the moment include a Dokkiri Mart, Burger Bishop, Hitler Fried Chicken (It's Hitler Ranting Good!) and Thought Café (named after the graphics team in the production team of the Vlogbrothers' YouTube videos).

There are plans in the near future to expand the platform level to fit the proposed RT Loop Line and a new platform for the Airport Express.

Railway MuseumEdit

The Railway Museum is located in the second floor of the building. On the outdoor portion are schematics for some of the railroad designs used in the past as well as present. The interior will be filled with chronological history of rail transport on the server and the history of the site, among others.

expansion pending

Rail Transit Network HeadquartersEdit

The RTN HQ occupies the third through ninth floor of the tower.

expansion pending


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