Saint Piggersburg is a new town founded by Fegelein1906 and MTM in the Outer East region. The town is intended to be a counterpart of Hans_Krebs's Nogaybak, which is built on the opposite bank of the Eastern Ocean bay. The town is built in an Early Modern-Medieval Russian style. The most notable buildings are the old Russian church, town hall and the WIP palace.

The houses in the town are mainly built using spruce wood because of the large proportion of spruce trees in Russia. The RT East Line serves both St. Piggersburg and Nogaybak.


  • The town's name is a portmanteau of St. Petersburg and the local pig population, which was known for constantly entering buildingts and construction sites.
  • The town flag is a combination of the Russian Tsar's standard and the flag of the Donetsk People Republic.

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