The Shomronon Cave is a cave made by AlphaSkyRaider sometime during August 2014. It was nicknamed the Shomronon cave after Molster, a former admin of the server, now banned, spammed pigs named Zionronon, mocking the unterganger Shomronon. The cave is directly under Alpha's 1 WTC and Tudor's Basilica of the Hall of Fame.

History Edit

The Shomronon Cave was created when Alpha went insane during the argument of whether his One World Trade Center is taller than MTM's Athyras State Building. He used hundreds of blocks of TNT to create this gigantic hole, and tried to extend the 1WTC's foundation to the bottom of it at one point, in order to make it the tallest. After a time, the issue froze, and the cave lay forgotten since.


  • It is the largest man made cave on the server, stretching over a hundred blocks wide and goes as deep as the bedrock.
  • It is filled with water and the occasional Zionronon pig placed by Molster, although almost all of them were drowned by the water.
  • Alpha once made a "lookout" out of glass on the ground, exposing the cave. However, he quickly removed it and gave the land to T.
  • The Shomronon cave was once Nerdington's path to get to his Rainbow Beacon machine, until he made a bypass somewhere nearby.

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