The Slender Forest National Park is a build on the Unterganger Minecraft Server, built presumably by Fegelein1906 and Hans_Krebs.

The park is located north of Athyras and the Malay Old Town, it being a jungle biome, with the tall jungle trees being replaced by giant spruce trees. The park also has a sandstone and brick wall separating it from the historical district of Athyras, a cabin, a campfire, and, near the campfire, a button for a (non-functional) "Slender Game". It is separated from the Malay Old Town and Molster's private beach by a canal, dug by Molster.

It was a point of dispute between Molster, who was assigned the land by then-server owner Fegelein1906, and Hans_Krebs and the same Fegelein1906.

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