Southville is the closest (formerly second closest) NPC village to the Unterganger City located to the south of the city. It is an important location in the Rail Transit Network where the South Line and the Templer Line form an interchange at Southville Station.

To the north is the Spleef Arena grounds, and to the south is Deepwood Motte.

The village is jokingly called Jewville by some players. Welcome signs on the village entrances make a reference to this with its slogan "Land of Happy Jews".

Recently players have noticed significant increase in the village population; whether it's due the new 1.8 breeding mechanics or someone spawning a bunch of them is unknown. This have had the adverse effect of iron golems infesting the area, particularly on the motel grounds.

Places of interest

Converted from the old Southville Station as the new station was built to accommodate the new Templer Line. Named by tudor "Evgenyi's Tap and Tack".
Southville Motel
Built by Molster and tudor facing the main axis road just outside of Southville for worn-out travelers. Recently the hobo villagers have taken a liking of the motel and swamped the grounds.
Selling pumpkins, melons and cattle.
Built by tudor, ironically despite the village's Jewish connotation.
RT Station
The South Line and Templer Line interchange here. From this station one can go to the City, Vzorkic Pyramid, Deepwood Motte and beyond.
Steak house
Built by tudor in a style similar to the bar. It is basically a restaurant that serves diverse kinds of steak.

Tudor got the idea from a restaurant with a similar name in his town.


  • Molster replaced the sandstone roads with coarse dirt as proof that roads do exists on desert villages even though it's very hard to see (between sand and sandstone).
  • A wither battle was fought nearby (by Fegelein1906 and then-novice Molster). Traces of the battle include visibly-patched houses and nearby craters (later filled with water by MTM)
  • In following the "jewville" connotation of Southville, all streets are named after the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and the village well after the Patriarch of the Tribes, Jacob.