SW RW diagram

Route diagram. Striped lines indicate incomplete sections.

The Southwest Railway (SW Railway, or SW RW) is a network of rail lines that links NPC villages and pyramids on the southwest region of the server world. The original main goal was to reach the next closest jungle temple in the far, far south west. Molster is in charge of the track routing and principal track-laying.

Due to the saturation of the Rail Transit Network (particularly its transit diagram), it was decided that the Southwest Railway would not be part of the RT Network, though minecarts can enter and exit the two systems at Soweto (with RT Outer Line) and Soalric Pyramid Station (with RT Templer Line).

All the NPC villages linked by the SW Railway are named after rocks and minerals, namely Peridot, Orpiment, Corundum and Cinnabar. The pyramid south of the desert well has yet to be named, and is yet to be linked to the network.

Since the setting-up of the world border, Cinnabar is now currently outside the border and cut off from the railway. The majority of the planned extensions also won't be continued for they lie outside the border as well. However, with the world border's recent removal, there is a possibility that the planned extensions may be finished.

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