The UMS Seven Wonders is a collection of features in the Unterganger Minecraft Server selected by Molster for its outstanding features.

The Seven Wonders are:

  1. MTM's Sandcastle - built using only sand and gravel and supported by buttons, the whole structure defies gravity.
  2. The Giant Cellar of Deepwood Motte - where an ordinary house in Deepwood Motte boasts the largest cellar ever (ravine)
  3. Washington's Pyramid built by Fegelein1906 - for being the largest building ever completed.
  4. The Temples - a collection of player-built temples on the server that is:
  5. The chunk border pixel arts
  6. Bridge of the Pontifex - longest bridge (excluding bridges that carries the Outer Line)
  7. Athyras State Building - 2nd tallest building in the server


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