Aside from building on the UMS, it is often also a place for laughter and pranks. Scattered amongst the UMS, references can also be found to films and inside community jokes.

A noteable example of a reference to an inside joke from the Unterganger community is the rape dungeon hidden in a house in Athyras. In the Athyras State Prison, a reference to the movie Silence of the Lambs is made, as the prison contains a glass cel like in the movie, with a sheep in it named Hannibal Lecter.

Trapping players Edit

Idle players are frequently trapped in crazy manners. They are sometimes placed in stone boxes, surrounded by iron bars, a pool of lava, etc. This prank is most commonly committed by players Fegelein1906 and AlphaSkyRaider.

Other notable jokes Edit

  • Sometimes players are put in prison for minor offenses, such as entering the women's bathroom.
  • Player Tudor is notorious for standing behind other players, repeatedly pressing shift making it appear he is rectally penetrating the other player
    • Tudor is also notorious to sit on a throne built by other players, frequently resulting in him being teleported to a far away location by the owner of the throne.
    • He would sometimes go invisible while wearing armor and tease other players, notably Gokyr586.
  • Fegelein1906 and Procrastinator have dressed up as floating melons and shot arrows at Jennie, distracting her from work on her town.

Gallery Edit

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