• Mfaizsyahmi

    You will have heard what they've done to me, but it's not a full story until you hear from both sides.

    Once upon a time, there was the temple dedicated to TSU. Then I come up with the idea of having a Hall of Fame in the server. It was placed somewhere, but eventually it moved to the TSU Temple.

    Some time after, there is a crisis of space running out in the HoF temple for the ever growing pantheon of inductees. At the same time, the development around the Spleef Plaza is taking place. As part of the development of the spleef area, which is my idea and masterplan, I reserved a place for a new HoF temple. I even flatten the site by hand.

    Then, after a certain person was inducted I pulled a harmless prank on the temple. Now, my idea of pranks is…

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  • Mfaizsyahmi

    Before you proceed: This is not official UMS guidelines (go read the Rules), and is intended to those who seek more realism in their builds. Compliance is not mandatory.

    So, I was talking with Jawad about the mosques in the UMS (surprisingly we have a handful of them!) and about their orientation, and such things. I know the utmost thing in the UMS is to build for fun, but if we can observe some standard it'd be a plus, and adds to the realism.

    This post will serve as a guideline for the most true-to-world mosques. It won't apply to existing ones, and adherence is voluntary. Again, this is just for standartization and realism of mosques in UMS as a whole.

    The most important aspect of mosques is their direction. IRL it faces Makkah, but we don't …

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  • Mfaizsyahmi

    After the debacle with the Magic Book and the new player rule agreement book, I came to realize how very restricted non-ops are - they can't even /give and /tp themselves. That got me to think of a way so that the server has the power to enable these powerful commands to the average player while also being in complete control of it.

    Hence, I came up with the impulse system. I got the name from Half-Life's (more accurately the GoldSrc and Src engine's) implementation of the impulse command.

    The implementation of the system is as follows:

    • The impulse score is set to only trigger.
      • Trigger is the only method available for non-op players to modify the scoreboard, and it relies on the server's command blocks to decide what to do with it.
    • We then allo…
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  • Mfaizsyahmi

    My dibs

    November 27, 2014 by Mfaizsyahmi

    I'd like to call dibs on these before anyone else build anything there. I already got many marked on the server so it wouldn't have been a big problem.

    I don't think anyone else have plans like these; I presume most people build on impulse. If any of these overlaps with your plan do notify me so that we can resolve it.

    Dibs in decreasing importance:

    1. de_aztec - we don't get much of these jungles around...
    2. airport hangar - no one's going to reclaim any land soon, but the hangar's very important
    3. marked part of jungle north of airport
    4. de_dust/de_dust2 - got loads of deserts around the server so this is just the nearest feasible location

    In decreasing importance:

    1. Shibam
    2. Waste Stabilization Pond
    3. Government servants apartments - might be re-sited a bit, bu…

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