I'd like to call dibs on these before anyone else build anything there. I already got many marked on the server so it wouldn't have been a big problem.

I don't think anyone else have plans like these; I presume most people build on impulse. If any of these overlaps with your plan do notify me so that we can resolve it.

Inner East Region

Mfs plans I-E

Dibs in decreasing importance:

  1. de_aztec - we don't get much of these jungles around...
  2. airport hangar - no one's going to reclaim any land soon, but the hangar's very important
  3. marked part of jungle north of airport
  4. de_dust/de_dust2 - got loads of deserts around the server so this is just the nearest feasible location

Outer West Region

Mfs plans O-W

In decreasing importance:

  1. Shibam
  2. Waste Stabilization Pond
  3. Government servants apartments - might be re-sited a bit, but still in the general area
  4. My Little Towny


  • Museum of Failures - this is a collab work so we need more people
  • Athyras airport/air base
  • West Park - because East Park is too far away from major residential zones

Outer East Region

Mfs plans O-E

That island's mine, bitte. I feel like making a small laid-back fishing town, or something that feels like the towns in the Pokemon games. If you're like-minded I don't mind a little bit of collab; just let me pick the sizes because we don't have that much, and the island is pretty hilly.

Inner Southwest Region

Mfs plans I-SW

So... why not a port? Building one in the larger oceans to the south and east makes sense. My main concern is that somehow something gets built right between athyras and the port, and then there'll be difficulties with the access road, so keep clear! ;)

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