The New HoF Temple, NEVER FORGET!

You will have heard what they've done to me, but it's not a full story until you hear from both sides.

Once upon a time, there was the temple dedicated to TSU. Then I come up with the idea of having a Hall of Fame in the server. It was placed somewhere, but eventually it moved to the TSU Temple.

Some time after, there is a crisis of space running out in the HoF temple for the ever growing pantheon of inductees. At the same time, the development around the Spleef Plaza is taking place. As part of the development of the spleef area, which is my idea and masterplan, I reserved a place for a new HoF temple. I even flatten the site by hand.

Then, after a certain person was inducted I pulled a harmless prank on the temple. Now, my idea of pranks is that it will NEVER be deleterious. Nothing permanently taken out, as you can see yourself. Unfortunately, some members of the server take this too seriously and overthinks and overimplies stuff, as expected, and decided to exact revenge by taking over my new HoF temple site and build that thing standing on the site now. My plan was hijacked and the site that I dedicated for all Untergangers was taken over without my consent.

I chose not to be confrontational about this flagrant bigotry taking place, but it now seems that history has conveniently been forgotten and rewritten.

Now tell me, which side is standing up for the Untergangers, and which side is standing up for a bigoted agenda of revenge. Keep in mind that the spleef area development master plan is mine, and I have chosen the perfect location for the public space to represent us all Untergangers as the players of the server. What stands there today is the result of emotional impulse.

Demand DictatorAntics/Fegelein1906 to have the New HOF Temple built on its intended location. Demand that all of us as Untergangers have the New HoF Temple that I've reserved and we all deserve. Don't let this bogoted vengeance agenda won over.

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