• Randomdolfyparodies

    This server was meant for the sake of building stuff, not a a pranking spots. Right now the number of pranks that are going on in the server are giving me heart attacks. 

    Also please refrain from outright mudering people. Accidental manslaughter is still allowed.

    Merci beaucoup

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  • Randomdolfyparodies

    First of all, some roads should get numbered, I'll work on some signposts and such for the roads. Suggest numberings for major roads away:

    Viktoria - Pasanauri - Negusville - Pontifex - Unterganger City - Washington's Pyramid: 1?

    Athyras - Canabai - Weston: 2?

    Newport - Athyras - UC: 7 (pre-established number)

    Expressways should be in the 100 series

    Trump - 101

    Also we should widen the 7 frokm 2 to 4 lanes wide

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  • Randomdolfyparodies

    So, since exams are next week and I haven't really been on that much, I want to make a new render. This time, I'll try one more time with faiz's iso software even though it took a huge dump on me months ago. To make it better, if you can give me the co-ordinates of some significant places, that would be good

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  • Randomdolfyparodies

    Here is what we should do.

    Give a comfortable surrounding to fess up to the f*ck-ups, and by comfortable, I mean a few things.

    • Only mild criticism, no insults
    • No outright bans
    • Just a nicer environment that the reporting thread

    Anyways, wanna tell us something?


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