Work In Progress
General Information
Type Town
Construction started unknown (original)

5 May 2015 (rebuilding)

Completed on unknown (original)

TBA (rebuilding)

Inspired by The Schutzstaffel
Architecture Gothic-Late 19th century and early 20th century mix
Coordinates x:231 y:65 z:-565
Location Northern region ; south of the Dolf-Face pixel art
Built by Tudor

Viktoria, originally named "Victoria" , is a town in the Unterganger Minecraft Server. It is built by tudor.

Inspiration and first phase of constructionEdit

The red wool that used to mark a border of sorts around the area that would become the town was originally laid by a unknown player. While passing through the area on a minecart, Tudor decided to dismount and build a town on the spot. Inspiration for it came while he was listening to the SS march "Sieg Heil Viktoria". First completing the "wool cordon", contruction officially began by raising the flagpole, building 2 houses, and beginning the construction of the Viktorian Reichstag.

Hiatus and second phaseEdit

Construction halted as Tudor grew busier with other projects of his around the server, and because he lost inspiration for it. However, during his winter break, while talking to Molster via Chatango PMs, he received some advice, leading to him making a rough draft of the town plan and a surge in ideas. However, only later would these ideas take form, as he got back to his computer and started applying them. By the end of the second phase, Viktoria expanded eastwards with a few houses, a small port, a gallows, and westwards with a small manufactory, gaining a barracks for its Kriegsstreitkräfte along with these.


Even before those aforementioned ideas were applied, Tudor realized he needed more land for them to be viable, as he the town he envisioned needed more space than the small valley in which the old town was built. Since the East was taken, and the South wasn't too much of an option just yet, he decided to give Viktoria a total makeover, which would involve tearing down the public buildings and rebuilding them in a new style, as he decided that tearing down every single house was rather wasteful. This started with the demolition of the old Reichstag building and of the old station, which has been rebuilt, to be followed by the rest of the public buildings of a greatly-expanded Viktoria, into a anachronistic mix between Gothic and late 19th-early 20th century architecture (or at least Tudor's interpretation of it).


  • The flag of Viktoria was supposed to be the flag of the SS, but Tudor didn't like the design and changed it to a black-and-white version of the Imperial Japanese Army flag, however, due to MC limitations, it looks more like a black-and-white UK flag (ironic because these two were at war with one another)

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